Prayer Rescue House Ministries - Pastor Joseph and Co-Pastor Melinda Kumi
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Atta Boafo - Double Double (Blessings)
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Welcome to Prayer Rescue House Ministries!
Here at Prayer Rescue House Ministries, we are committed to serving God and the needs of God's people. We have been summons to the region of Washington State to raise the standard of Christianity. We have been summons to shake and wake the foundation of the Northwest.
 Prayer Rescue House Ministries mission to bridge the gap from fallen man back to Christ. You will experience the true power of God and his word at Prayer Rescue House Ministries.We invite you to visit - allowing God into your life through a true relationship with him. God can never come down on earth to accomplish his will unless he has a man willing to bend his knees in prayer. Thy Kingdom come and your will be done. 
Join us for Resurrection Sunday Morning Worship at 8am
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